My husband and I were fortunate to find Sheryl to help us with the permitting process. We only wish we'd found her earlier in our real estate transactions so her knowledge, generosity, and talent could have helped us even more.


Sheryl not only simplified every step, she clarified it for us. Her vast experience and knowledge across the industry gave insight and reassurance. I would enthusiastically and highly recommend Sheryl. Her service saves time, money, and heartache -- and her style adds joy.

George and Jan Bowen, Orcas Island


I have had the pleasure of working with Sheryl for the past five years. She has been very instrumental with incorporating the many changes in our current customer service policies. In order for us to bring about those changes in our daily operations we needed people with proactive ideas, and the skills and flexibility to bring those ideas to fruition. We quickly recognized that not only did Sheryl possess those skills we were looking for, she further demonstrated the ability to grasp a much broader understanding of our purpose.

Because of her ability to adapt to change and understand the complexity of the land use issues we struggled with under the State of Washington's Growth Management Act we found her to be an invaluable part of our front counter team, separating invalidated existing zoning districts from those which maintained current status while at the same time incorporating new zoning districts along with the development regulations that applied was a sometimes mind boggling task even for our senior planners. Sheryl identified inconsistencies between old and new regulations while applying such to proposed projects and brought those issues forward for review and necessary amendments. 

Sheryl was responsible for all of our technical review for projects requiring permits. A responsibility which included water, addressing, land use, site plan approvals, construction plans, shorelines, flood, critical areas, drainage, fire, etc.

Sheryl's integrity is second to none. Responsibility, work ethic, efficiency and community values define that part of her we hired and so respect. The other part of Sheryl is her positive attitude, great sense of humor and resilience. She is just fun to work with and things always seem to get done right when she is involved.

Corey Schmidt - former Assistant Building Official . Skagit County Planning & Permit Center

Sheryl helped us about 10 years ago. We were in the process of purchasing a home with a mother in law unit when the appraiser found there were no land use or building permits to allow it.

Time was of the essence as two families were packed and ready to move. The bank said if we can get the permits in to the county they would close. On a Sunday she dropped everything, crawled under the house where the addition was built and prepared a set of drawings, got them off to her engineer while she finished the balance of the paperwork. 

In 5 days our paperwork was completed and turned in. She went above and beyond and we are so grateful for the sacrifices she made for us.

Jeff Walker - Arlington

Sheryl has been invaluable. Her professional expertise and knowledge of permitting and planning helped us resolve our issues with the county, we could not have done it without her. Her excellent relationship with county officials and her resolution based approach produced very positive results. We will be eternally grateful to Sheryl for her help in one of our most stressful times.

Errol and Kathleen Speed - Orcas Island

Sheryl I am so happy we have gotten to know you and experience your unending attitude of goodwill for everyone. Your willingness to see something through for the betterment of all is such a lovely part of your personality and will always serve you well. Thank you so much for taking us under your wing. I so appreciate you. 

Leslie Bressler - San Juan Island

Sheryl is one of the most "get it done" people that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is knowledgeable, she knows it so she doesn't allow them to push her around, my project was completed much faster and cheaper due to her knowledge.

Jean Pope - Coupeville

Sheryl is a BLESSING and extremely TALENTED!! I would recommend her to anyone needing help in Real Estate or Permitting.

Craig Miller - Snohomish

Technically I work in a different department and building than Sheryl, but have the daily responsibility of plan review in coordination with the Skagit County Permit Center. While I work well with all staff at the Permit Center, my first call is usually to Sheryl when I have a problem with a project or the computer systems used to track permits. Sheryl routinely reviews residential permits and signs off on those, on my behalf, that either do not have Fire Code issues or addresses them directly. This has allowed me to concentrate on those files which have significant issues or problems that need attention. 

Sheryl is truly a rare individual with excellent people skills, technical code knowledge, computer skills and common sense. She is always willing to help and is so efficient that often what could have been a "big deal" becomes no problem. 

Daniel Cain - former Skagit County Fire Marshal